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Welcome to the Windows Phone Mobile Image Sharer Imgurnation.


A Windows Phone Application that provides a mobile gateway to the popular website Imgur.com


Imgurnation is pronounced 'Imager-nation', here are some of its features: Browse all Imgur Galleries Sign in with Imgur credentials View, zoom, swipe, comment and download images Share images & albums with friends via email, sms, social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) View your own uploaded Images & Albums Track Favorites Edit Images before upload


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Finally an efficient to do app to easily track and plan your up and coming tasks. If you're not a project manager then this is the app for you. Simple effective and to the point.


This app is designed with speed in mind. You can quickly add a to do item even on the go.


It also has a built in shopping list so you can track what you need to buy.


Key features:


• Alerts for overdue items

• UI designed to easily track to do items

• Quick buttons to move to do items

• Built in shopping list

• Create your own shopping lists

• Minimalistic UI design for adding to do items

• Create new categories for to do items

• Customisable defaults when adding a new to do item

• Create new custom shopping lists


Your News delivered fast and in a simple and easily navigated app


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Your Sports News delivered fast and in a simple and easily navigated app.


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