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Color Smash Game Logo
Color Smash iOS App Store

Published: 2016


App Type: Games


Category: Casual


Developer: Aegis Software Ltd.


Platforms: Android

Color Smash is a fast paced puzzle game where your wits are tested against falling colors that you have to smash. Tap the colors which match the color indicator at the bottom of your screen.


But remember – smash the word – NOT the color of the word!


The better you are, the harder the game gets! As you progress through a round of Color Smash, you’ll find colors start to fall faster, reverse themselves, and flash different colors.


Can you rise through the ranks of the Color Smash leader board? It’ll take fast reactions and sharp awareness to be the best Color Smasher in the world!


Prove your mettle to friends – earn in-game achievements and boost your XP!


Now go out and smash those colors!


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